Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SICK new Canadian West Coast Surf film

It may be known to my followers that I am a huge promoter of the west coast lifestyle as well as the sweet outdoor sports our great ecosystem and landscapes provide. One of the wonders of the west coast are the gnarly surf breaks that riddle Vancouver Island's shores with surfable waves.

Here is a recent production by Jeremy Koreski who is a renowned filmographer and photographer on the west coast. This film features Peter Devries who is my favourite surfer and one of Canada's best waves riders.

It is a super compilation of footage taken on along Vancouver Island's numerous breaks and it really exposes the raw energy, explosive power and sheer beauty of our enchanting coast.

Enjoy as I did, this gets me jacked up


Monday, May 10, 2010

The secret behind Nike Air

Just saw this commercial and had to share it. It is absolutely a brilliant concept that they are capturing air from their sponsored athletes and putting it into the shoes! Love the bit with John Mcenroe as he is a funny guy. While we were in Brazil training on Ipanema beach, we would up getting a photo with him in our speedo's on our festive moustache friday! He was totally grossed out by our traditions but the guy has style and a pretty solid wrap in tennis so we let it slide.

Friend "Restless Josie" does a beauty about Brazil!

Here is a great little ditty by my friend Josie. She does a great job of capturing the Rio spirit and scenery!

Man do I miss being there!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My ode to Raymond Sewell and our last Redheaded Production

This blog marks the last video from the dynamic team of Ray Sewell and I. It was a beauty and will mark one of the funnest partnerships of my career. We had some solid results, some great travels and more importantly the most amazing experiences of my life.

Ray, you were a slice buddy. A slice of Redheaded delight, perhaps only rivalled by the key lime pie served at Delirio Tropical in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. From Bahrain to Dubai, England to China, Toronto to Cali, Spain to Uranus, U24 Nationals to the top level in the world, we had some unreal trips, met great people and impacted peoples lives through our inside jokes, moustached months, untamed dialogue and raw uninhibited gay jokes when the situation didn't call for it.

Unreal times sleeping illegally overnight on a bean bag in Dubai next to smelly camels; riding the smelly camels

having matching goatees while winning the 2010 Grand Cayman NORCECA

 wearing pink junior girls short shorts to a bar in Bath, England on a 16 hour pub crawl; dining with Gwen and her husband (the president of IMG Golf) at the same table as Roge (Roger Federer) and Tiger dined on the previous week then having pancakes at their place while getting visa's to China; sharing the virgin viewing of  "spanish uprising"; taking Chinese rikshaws together

wearing full floral outfits in Sania
you running in Guaruja, Brazil while I got trapped by 13 year olds then tackled and pulled down and kissed against my will by a school girl; purchasing a naked manikin doll in the Rio city centre and taking it on public transit for almost 2 hours like it was nothing and then finding it in my room later with a banana in her thong

watching copious amounts of "the family guy"; nearly dying of heat exhaustion in Manzanillo but pulling off one of the most daring redheaded feats I have ever seen; viewing a cock fight with team USA; whispering sweet nothings to each other mid game on the FIVB; you being the runner up in the FIVB moustache competition yet winning Liz's heart with your upper lip hair; almost watching you drown while surfing in Mexico; flying in the same plane as a bird of prey in the middle east

Getting the finest pears in the world at the local Ipanema Market from George; having a romantic heterosexual day together in Paris

and last but not least, sporting a speedo together around the world while everyone thought it wasn't appropriate. (EDIT - believe it or not we have no photos of us kicking it in our speedos! That being said, check out the video below)

It has been a blast Raymond and to all you volleyballers out there, there are few people who compare to Ray's silliness, conviction, work ethic and heart towards beach. He is a champion of champions; my "Piece de Resistance".

To all the nights we shared the same bed but didn't make sweet love when I know you wanted to,

This last kick at the can is for you Ray. Kiss on it?

Yours forever (but don't tell my girlfriend),