Monday, June 8, 2009

Partner switch and change of plans

Life has taken a serious change and I have completely changed my training and travel plans.  I have been training in California for the last two weeks with Ray Sewell as we had planned on playing in the World Championships and Grand Slam events together in 2009.  Unfortunately we didn't qualify for the World Championships but the top ranked player in Canada (in terms of international points) called me and asked if I wanted to play in those events.  I had made a clear goal for myself before the 2008 season started and it was to play in the World Championships and proceeding four Grand Slam events due to their great importance for gaining points and also heavier cash purses.  It looked like I wasn't going to qualify for the main draw with Ray and I couldn't pass up on this golden opportunity to get into the main draws with another top athlete in Canada.

So I was living and training with Ray in California and all that has now changed.  I left California to return home and pack for the new plan of training with Ahren Cadieux in Ash Bridges Bay, Toronto for two weeks leading up to the World Championships.  I have had 2 days to pack at home and sort my life out and I am really looking forward to turning it up a notch in Toronto as the new Team Canada coach will be helping us.  

I must go and finish packing, so many things to cram into my suitcase!!


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