Friday, April 2, 2010

Family time in Montreal!

Here is our fam in Montreal!!! Owuo, Isa, Nicho, Natalie and me just chillin in the porch in the sun after a great breakfast together.

I haven't met the partners of my cousin's Isa and Nicho so this was quite an introduction for me! We had a splendid breakfast together and are now headed for a day of walking about town and markets. We are going to hit some parks and potentially dance it up and then at 8 I will be watching Isa and Owuo's new group Klanna Vibes throw down some international beats in a funky cafe. Once we dance through the floor there, I am looking to head out with a few random friends and hit an electro music party (my fave) and dance all evening. This is a special weekend here in Montreal with a lot happening so I am going NUTS for it all!!

Enjoy the weekend and catch up later.


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