Sunday, January 30, 2011

GQ Man of the year Polar Bear swim!

For the last 20 odd years there has been a family tradition on my mother's side to go for a dip in the ocean on January 1st. This family polar bear swim has progressively become more popular and the younger generation of family members have invited close friends to this essential new years dip at Ambleside park in West Vancouver.

This year was definitely special as it was my 4th consecutive year and boasted a speedo and bowtie theme! An impressive group of friends and family dared enter the frigid waters and below is a nice compilation of the experience.

Things to look out for. My uncle Rod has a classic move where he enters the water before anyone else at his own pace. This pace, is excruciating to watch as he calmly glides into the 4 degree water with grace and composure. Secondly we have made it a habit to enter the water multiple times in a row. For whatever reason it becomes a feat of strength (common in our family) to double or triple dip and then stay in for as long as possible in those dips. As you will see, I was weak but a few brave souls stayed in for a while!!!

Enjoy, this is one of my faves!

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