Sunday, February 20, 2011

Water Blocking photoshoot in India

This is a little video I threw together of my photo shoot with the extremely talented India photographer Arjun Mark in Chennai, India.

Arjun came to us on the beach one evening before training with his laptop and asked us if we wanted to get shot. Clearly this sounds odd but he immediately demonstrated his talents by showing us his website  and then he showed us the style of shots he intended to shoot. WOW!!! Amazing inspirations and what an opportunity to get photos taken by one of India's most forward thinking and talented photographers!

His studio was opposite the beach volleyball tournament site just off the beach so over the span of a couple weeks I did multiple shoots. Arjun was super keen to work with me and a few other of the beach teams and he dedicated a lot of time to our projects. He was such a solid guy as he drove me back to my hotel a few times and he even had a couple assistants working with him whenever he needed it!

I videotaped the one session where I got blasted with buckets of water. It is pretty neat how it all turned out and even though I have no idea what I will use the photo for, it is still a wicked photo to have in my portfolio!

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