Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New and improved Paleo Pancakes

I have been playing around in the kitchen over the last few weekends and have perfected (to my taste) a Paleo Pancake recipe that is quick, super healthy and tastier than regular pancakes! I freestyled the majority of the ingredients to consistency and projected taste but as long as you have a remotely thick batter you should be good to go. Enjoy as this provides great energy, is easily digestible, gluten free and rich in protein and good fats.

Start by mashing two bananas up in a bowl
 Add four eggs

 Add half a cup of milled golden flax seeds
 Add a cup and a half of ground almonds
 Add a cup of ground hazelnuts
 Pour chocolate almond milk until you think blending will be easy
 Mix it all up
 Add Vanilla
 Add Cinnamon
 Add Allspice
 Blend again and then scoopie out your preferred sized pancakes. Keep in mind they are tougher to flip the larger they are
 Serve with whatever treats you want. I felt like using cranberries, yogurt and maple syrup and it was the tastiest breakfast I have had in a while!

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