Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to back wins on day two!

The sun seemed to be magnified this Saturday on the Cayman Islands and the humidity played a large roll in the days matches. Ray and I were prepared for the heat and handled it like champions but I can't say the same for everybody. Fatigue aside, Ray and I played fantastic ball and came out victorious against Puerto Rico #2 and USA #1.

I am unfortunately short on time so I won't be able to expand on the games but we won the first game 21-16, 21-10. We have established ourselves as crowd favourites and the guys on the mic just LOVE us!

We then went on to beat USA #1 who are solid AVP players, not Phil Dalhouser and Todd Rogers! We played great defensive ball and sided out consistently for the most part in a slow serving, bit hitting game. I had some MONSTROUS blocks and Ray made some incredible digs, including one off his chest and over to score!! We beat them 21-16 and 21-11 in a convincing two setter and once again we put on a show!!

Sadly I don't have any photos yet cause the photographer hasn't uploaded images but we will have some by the end of the event. We will be playing in the semis against the #2 Canadian team consisting of Maverick Hatch and Ben Saxton. That game will be played at 1 and then our finals (should all go to plan) will be streamed live on the internet on  at 5 PM Caymand Island time.

If you have the time, look into it cause it is going to be a great show!!!!



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  1. Congrats! Will you posting any videos from the tourney?