Saturday, March 13, 2010

Topless in the Caimans

After an unnecessarily long travel day, we have found solid ground and regained our composure. I mentioned in my last post that we had an unfortunate itinerary through Kingston (8 hour layover) but that was extended by 4 hours as our flight was delayed. We landed at 1:15 am in the Caymans and Carl the champion was waiting for us. We made the short commute to his place and to our pleasure, we each had our own rooms let alone our own beds! Ray and I have slummed it all over the world and have been known to share the odd bed to save cash; having separate accom is royalty. Needless to say, we had been up for 21 hours so we tucked it in as soon as we made it into our bedrooms.

We woke up to the amazing scent of breakfast. Wanda and Carl were cooking us a spread of scrambled eggs (my fave) and a Paleo oatmeal (let me explain) replacement. Wanda had apparently taken a Paleo (Caveman) challenge at her Cayman Crossfit gym where she would drop processed foods, grains, dairy, sugar, soy and alcohol for a month to mimic early human dietetics. So, her oatmeal replacement was as follows. Blended pears, almonds and coconut milk then heated and complimented by in season berries and a dash of organic Stevia for extra sweetness. IT WAS AMAZING!! Seriously, it was soooooo tasty!! I will be using this one when I get home in addition to my regular oatmeal diet. It is loaded with great fats (almonds and coconut milk) plus you get a healthy start with the fruit and berries. It needs to be supplemented by some form of protein (that is where the eggs came in) but it is in all honesty an amazingly healthy treat.

We then hopped into Carl's topless Jeep and cruised the town. Carl took us to the tournament site and explained their development plan for this years tournament as well as for ones to follow. They will be bringing in some small grand stands and are expecting over 1000 people to watch on Sunday! We have been told there are a massive number of Canadians here so I know my style of entertaining play will be appreciated and celebrated on the island. I am really looking forward to firing up the Island with some Canadian spirit.

We then headed home, took a nap and returned to the beach. Carl lent us his Jeep so we navigated left side of the road traffic and made it safely to the beach where we did a 10 minute beach run followed by 8, 45 second sprint intervals with 45 second active rest periods. I felt like I was 300 pounds so running out the funk in my body was essential to return to my normal state. We then played pepper in the wind (totally different than the still air in Beach Blast) and then finished our day off with a 30 minute workout on the new TRX system. The TRX system consists of two straps with handles that you can attach to a door frame or an overhead hold. You do a series of body weight movements and you can really get a full body workout including some killer abdominal exercises. We had some fun trying out new movements and felt far more coordinated after our last set.  We will be ready to play a fun little king of the beach tomorrow with the Cayman Island athletes which will be an optimal way to get used to the sand, wind and sun!

We are now off to watch a boxing match at one of the local pubs so I am out. Good times today and the next 5 days will be dedicated to getting back to 100%.

Chat tomorrow,


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