Thursday, January 21, 2010


It is official; Chaim Shalk and I are going steady on the beach v-ball court! I spoke with Ahren Cadieux yesterday and ended our 9 month sand partnership as I felt I needed a partner who the National team envisions succeeding in the next Olympic cycle. With this decision I feel I have pleased Volleyball Canada and I look forward to being a champion in this new era of beach volleyball in Canada!!!

Today Chaim and I started our partnership with a few drill victories and when we didn't win, we were competing for match point. We are a very athletic team and Chaim brings an amazing amount of desire, raw malleable energy, love for sport and competition as well as the beginnings of a fantastic eye for the sport. I am really looking forward to growing with him with sights set on Olympic glory.

Here is something I read before training and it hit me deep. WARNING you may find yourself unbearably excited and eager to compete or win at anything! Release your inner champion!

I will conquer what has not been conquered, defeat will not be in my creed
I will believe what others have doubted
I will always endeavor the prestige, honor and respect of those who have earned it from me
I have trained my mind and my body will follow
I will acknowledge the fact that my opponents do not expect me to win and I will and never surrender and I will win in the face of contempt
Weakness will not be in my heart
I will look to my comrades and to those who have brought me to this place and to those who have trained me and I will draw strength from them
I will gladly go out into the field of battle and do all I can do
I will reach my field of battle by any means at my disposal
And when I get there I will arrive violently in the eyes of my opponent but have the peace of knowing I am the best within
No one will deny me
No one will define me
And no one will tell me who and what I am and can be
Belief will change my world
It has moved continents and countries and put man on the moon
And it will carry me through battle
“Defeat”, “retreat”, these words are not in my vocabulary
I do not accept these things nor do I accept when things go wrong
I do not understand mistakes but I do understand this:
“Victory”,” Never surrender” no matter what is before me
My heart and my mind will carry my body when my limbs are too weak
History will remember me, I will not have to worry about it being kind
I will define my world
I will write my own praises
And no one will tell me what I can and cannot be
I will never go home without giving all I have….and more

I am a CHAMPION!!!!

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