Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First day in Toronto and an International affair

A sleepless night on the red eye and I find myself in -8 weather in eastern Canada! I was pretty tuckered but couldn't sleep like a little boy before christmas as the possibilities here in Toronto are great for my athletic and sport marketing development.  I look forward to advancing my life on many different paths but to start, I need to purchase some bedding.

Once I have set up my essentials I will be featuring the production on my ninja room, home training essentials and the exercises I perform with them. I really look forward to pushing myself at home and sharing that progression with all of you.

Speaking of sharing, the article I just did with the local Comox Valley Record News paper has reached the FIVB!! I woke this morning to an onslaught of emails congratulating me and wishing me luck as they read my story on the international site! Shocked, and hoping I didn't mess anything up and, the article was solid and I appreciate the FIVB for giving me the tickle.  Swing by the FIVB beach volleyball site and learn something new about our sport, the athletes and the magnitude of the sport in Asia, South America and Europe.

I am off to get some necessities and training starts tomorrow. Game on, life starts now.

You are as strong as your drive.


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