Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trust, harmony and desire

After a long week of excellent training the weekend is here and it is time to rest! We had an beauty practice Friday morning as I personally won everything and one of those matches was with Chaim. We have shown signs of magnificence and have also stunk up the show but one theme that has been demonstrated is that we are fighters. We have come from behind to win on multiple occasions and that is REALLY exiting to me. It is rare that a new team is able to battle from a deficit and come out victorious. It is this trait that gives me confidence; we will become a great team.

In my opinion there are a few traits overall that lead to an ideal partnership. Harmony, trust and desire are pivotal parts of a successful team. Chaim and I have an excellent chemistry that can be attested to these three (among many others) unifying attributes. To be in a tough situation and be able to look across at your partner and know they are on the same page as you, willing to do anything for victory, builds rock solid confidence.

We will build on our foundation and are looking forward to a diverse competition schedule across the world this summer! A highlight that I look forward to is my comeback to the west coast where I will compete to win my 3rd Corona Open tournament in Kitsilano, Vancouver. It is one of my favourite tournaments because my family and friends come out and bring the noise in support. Notably, my cousins back me up and make for a killer mood, elevating my game and presence on centre court. Can't wait to make that appearance!!!

Well I have had the first restful sleep of the weekend and I am now off to a full body injury screen with our national team doctor. I look forward to passing with flying colours and coming home to nap!

My body is sore but my mind is fresh; I can't wait to tackle another week cycle at full force.

Have a smart weekend.

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