Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My friends at Darkside

So I have recently had a lot of comments on my photo with On the Darkside Tanning Salon located in my hometown on Vancouver Island. I would like to say thanks for the compliments as well as thank you to Tammy who has been helping me get my tan on since I ran my event back in 2008.

On the Darkside Tanning has been super helpful in getting me acclimatized to events which were held in heavy sun and they actually had a machine that fit me!! It is a great vibe there, they are super knowledgeable and provide the best tanning experience in town.

Thanks for the support over the past and to all of you who live in the area, drop by there and check out what they have to offer cause the sun's rays won't be getting you darker for another 4 months!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Martin, for all the kind words, You rock! and we miss you when you're away training. Train hard and kick butt! we'll be happy to help you get your tan on and vitamin D boost when you get home.